Aesin Ltd. has developed a process tool intended to clean susceptors, satellites, etc.

The Aesin ReClean service is designed for MOCVD systems used for the deposition of AlN, GaN, InN, etc. to manufacture LED’s or other devices.

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The ReClean System

Our ReClean system uses a chemical process to convert metal nitrides into volatile compounds, they are liberated from the sample, and removed from the reactor. Processing takes place in the gas phase at temperatures < 900 °C. Currently, the system can accommodate a susceptor of up to 465 mm diameter.

Chemical analysis of GaN materials grown using susceptor cleaned using ReClean system

SIMS analysis of AlGaN/GaN HEMT structure grown on an MOCVD system using cleaned susceptor demonstrating no memory effect from cleaning process.

With rapid processing time and efficient turn arounds, Aesin are capable of supporting one-off requests through to multiple batch, on going cleaning contracts at our UK facility.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.